Balik Salmon Eggs 100g
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Balik Salmon Eggs 100g

Salmon eggs are an ideal aperitif or starter, on plain blini or with cream. Their aromas blend naturally with tarama, caviar butter and sturgeon. Champagne, dry white wine or vodka make a perfect pairing.

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Caviar Prunier
Peter Rebeiz

The sensation of the Balik Pearl that bursts on the palate: an immediate trip to the open sea

Peter Rebeiz.

Caviar Prunier

In detail.

These fresh pearls of Alaskan salmon, delicately salted and briefly pasteurized roll on the tongue. Release their aromas by pressing them between the palate and the tongue to diffuse a freshly marine sensation that transports you to the open sea.

Iodine intensity 3/5
Aroma Iodine, salmon
Texture Crisp, crunchy
Origin Alaska
Allergens Fish
Specie Salmon
Preservation 4 months

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