Balik Salmon Tartar Classic
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Balik Salmon Tartar Classic

100% handmade. A unique, exquisite and incomparable specialty that revolutionizes the taste and texture of tartar!

Smoked in Switzerland according to an ancestral recipe, it is hand chopped and embellished with lean quark. Our salmon (Salmo Salar) are carefully selected in the Norwegian icy waters with very meticulous specifications. 

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Caviar Prunier
Peter Rebeiz

A home made marvel, from breakfast to dinner.

Peter Rebeiz.

Caviar Prunier

In detail.

The Balik Classic tartar is simply incomparable in its texture and in its aromas.

Faithful to the excellence of the Balik manufacture, our classic tartar will be a complete new experience in its own right. Try

it once and you will adopt it forever as a starter, main course or side dish, its quintessence many aspects, dishes and salads. Indulge.

Aroma Slightly smoked
Texture Creamy, melting
Origin Switzerland
Allergens Fish
Ingredient(s) Salmon, salt
Preservation 15 days +2 to +5 degrees

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